Fintailor Investments Limited provides brokerage and custody services on a wide range of financial instruments through the world's leading stock exchanges and OTC market. The –°ompany is an active participant in the Eurobond market.

    - brokerage services:

  • trading through a trader;
  • margin lending and REPO;

    - customized financial products;

    - safekeeping clients’ assets in the high reputable international financial institutions;

    - participation in corporate events, representation of clients’ interests;

    - assistance to the clients in getting legal tax benefits. 

Financial instruments available to the clients:

  • equities of Russian and foreign issuers;
  • ADR/GDR’s, ETF;
  • bonds, Eurobonds;
  • structured notes;
  • futures, options and other derivatives;
  • FOREX;
  • REPO.

The company pays special attention to procedures designed to ensure the quality of services, risk control and safety of client assets on high level. In order to maximize the client's rights and the safeguarding of assets, Fintailor Investments Limited does not conduct transactions for their own account and does not have its own investment portfolio - all operations are carried out solely in the interests of customers. Clients' and Company's assets are safekeeping on segregated accounts according to the legal requirements what is constantly controlled by CySec and auditors.