The company offers you a way to a profitable investment and a stable income - investments in Eurobonds.

Eurobond is a debt security denominated in a currency other than the national currency of the country of the issuer and traded on international OTC market.

Benefits of investing in bonds denominated in foreign currency:

  • attractive returns - as a rule, eurobonds yields exceed the interest rate of bank deposits with a similar credit risk;
  • reliability - eurobonds are issued by large issuers whose rating is confirmed by international rating agencies;
  • minimizing the currency risk. Investments in bonds denominated in foreign currencies protect against fluctuations in the currency exchange rates. Coupon payments are made in the currency of eurobonds denomination.

The company will provide you with access to a full range of Eurobonds traded on the OTC market, will help you to carry out trade operations with Russian and international eurobonds, government, corporate and banking sectors.

We provide our customers with convenient service while investing in eurobonds:

  • support in setting up an investment portfolio;
  • prompt and quality execution of trading orders;
  • providing additional funding through repurchase transactions.

For more information and transactions please contact us:

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e-mail: trading@fintailor.com