The Company provides a wide range of high quality safekeeping services:

  • opening of all types of custody accounts required for registration and transfer of the rights of Russian and foreign securities;
  • storing and maintaining records of ownership of securities, including storage and accounting of documentary/non-equity securities;
  • identity of  rights and transfer of rights to securities;
  • implementation of depository operations for transactions in securities, direct or using correspondent accounts of the company in the international clearing house Clearstream Banking and Euroclear Bank;
  • payment of income on securities (dividends, coupons), redemption of securities;
  • assistance to owners of securities to exercise their rights, including the right to participate in management of the company, the right on dividends and other payments on securities;
  • Fintailor offers opening of individual sub-accounts in foreign depositories as an option for separate accounting of assets of an individual customer (this service is billed separately).

The company has established correspondent relationships with major custodians and registrars. Among the partners of the Company are: ING Bank, Rosbank (part of Societe Generale Securities Services).

The company's activity is in full conformity with the unified regulations of the European Union, which guarantees the highest standards of quality of service and protection of our clients’ interests.

For more information regarding custody services please contact:

Dmitry Blokhin
Tel.: +357 25 817 004
Email: dmitry.blokhin@fintailor.com