The company offers  the full range of derivatives for foreign currency, precious metals, commodity assets and interest rates to meet the needs of its customers – both in terms of minimizing (hedging) the market risks, and in order to generate extra income in their chosen investment strategy.

Who might be interested in this product:

  • any entity or an individual investor  with assets and liabilities in different currencies facing currency risk, i.e. risk of loss of income due to  instability of exchange rates;
  • investors bearing interest rate risk - if assets or liabilities have floating interest rate linked to LIBOR, EURIBOR, MOSPRIME;
  • investors or manufacturers having exposures in commodities – those whose revenues depend on price fluctuations in commodity assets.

Current market conditions require using market risks insurance as a mandatory risk management  tool by any investor.  We’ll be glad to assist  in minimizing  virtually any financial risk through derivatives markets:

  • exchange contracts - standardized instruments traded on the local and international organized markets: futures and stock options;
  • OTC contracts - flexible instruments that are traded in the interbank market (OTC market): forwards, swaps and OTC options;
  • variety of options to increase profitability of your investment portfolio at a given level of risk.

For further information please contact us:

Tel.: +357 25 817 004
e-mail: trading@fintailor.com